Monday, November 8, 2010

Samsung Continuum Announced Today!

Frankly, it doesn't look that good, a single screen phone with a strip of black paint through it does not technically make it "dual screened."

Here are some specs described in the Press Release:
- 3.4 inch Super AMOLED touch screen
- 1.8 inch "interactive Super AMOLED Ticker Display" - this is the strip on the bottom after separation by the stripe
- Grip sensor - touching the sides of the phone will turn the ticker display on
- Android 2.1 baked in - Android Market included
- Bing Maps and Bing Search
- Experience the FULL Web with a full HTML browsing experience
- Support for multitouch gestures
- Samsung 1 gigahertz Coretex A8 Hummingbird Processor
- 6 - axis sensor
- Virtual QWERTY Swype keyboard for fast typing
- Support for text, picture and video messaging
- Email support
- 5.0 megapixel camera and video recorder
... and MUCH more!

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